-14% sale
TruWASH Starter Pack TruWASH Starter Pack
TruWASH Starter Pack £12.99 £15.00
You're about to change how you clean your glass and shiny stuff! Welcome to the TruWash Starter Pack, comprising a whopping 1 Bottle of TruWash Quickshine- the brilliant, chemical free glass cleaner taking Instagram by storm – and 2 Professional Glass Polishing cloths, to boot!  Since our planetary impact is a key concern at all times,1 of the cloths will be delivered unpacked. Typical RRP for all individual products is £15. Shine big – save big!    
-30% sale
TruWASH Deluxe Starter Pack
TruWASH Deluxe Starter Pack £19.99 £28.50
What’s in the box? 2 bottles of TruWash™ - the chemical free, glass cleaning wonder product and 3 of our fantastic Professional Glass Polishing Cloths. We’ve created this bundle to ensure the biggest bang for your shipping cost buck - so there’s never been a better way to see for yourself the glass cleaning results which are causing such a stir over on Instagram. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how quickly and effortlessly you can clean glass, work tops, car windscreens, stainless steel, shower doors and more!
-28% sale
TruWASH Eco Refill Bundle TruWASH Eco Refill Bundle
TruWASH Eco Refill Bundle £19.99 £27.50
Eco Refill Bundle We’re constantly trying to do our bit for the environment and reduce our use of plastic in our products……which is exactly why the TruWASH team have created:The Ultimate Refill BundleIncluded in this bundle you will get…1x TruWASH Stainless Steel Refill Bottle [BRAND NEW]2x Professional Glass Polishing Cloths3x QuickShine™ Top Up Cans …if you’re looking to go greener, look no further than this pack!This bundle should usually cost £27.50 but for you we’ve done it at a special price! ***LIMITED BUNDLES AVAILABLE & PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT MAY TAKE UP TO 2 WEEKS TO BE DELIVERED (BUT IT'S WORTH THE WAIT AND ANYTHING YOU ORDER AT SAME TIME WILL ALSO ONLY BE DELIVERED IN 2 WEEKS***
-15% sale
TruWASH Killer Clean Bundle
TruWASH Killer Clean Bundle £39.99 £46.99
Here's what's inside the Killer bundle: 2 Bottles of Killer Clean [NEW PRODUCT] 1 Pack of our BRAND NEW Super Duper Scrub Cloths [NEW PRODUCT] 1 of our Stainless Steel Refill Canisters [NEW PRODUCT] 2 of our Eco Friendly Top Up Cans 1 Bottle of our WhipWASH for Cars [NEW PRODUCT] 1 Extra Large Cloth 1x FREE Dusting Gloves [Limited Stock] Killer Clean is unlike any of our other products...A lean, mean, germ killing machine with a License to Clean.It's tougher. It's stronger. And it's even better. Not only is Killer Clean FREE FROM BLEACH but it's antibacterial killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs. But that's not even the best part.The magic inside this bottle is it's strong smelling scent giving you a fragrance of lemongrass and lime essential oils every time you use this product. And then it gets even better because not only is this a killer product but this is a KILLER BUNDLE - without a doubt, our best yet!I wasn't joking when I said this is a KILLER BUNDLE that will be the Ultimate Cleaning Experience!There are ONLY 100 BOTTLES in this initial launch of Killer so if you want to be the first to try, don't hesitate!
-34% sale
TruWASH SurFACE™ STARTER PACK £19.99 £29.99
A little pack with a BANG comprising of our blissful smelling new SurFACE product our Classic Quickshine 2 window cloths and our AMAZING SuperDuper Scrub Cloths. Nothing much more to say as these 2 products are enough to clean your whole home, including worktops, cooker tops, ovens, sinks, bathrooms, windows, woodburning stoves, stainless steel, granite and composite worktops and even cars.
TruWASH Floor Bundle
TruWASH Floor Bundle £19.99
Wiping the FLOOR with the competition... if Freddie says so himself! Our newest Tru bundle is ready... in this fabulous bundle, we are giving you: - 2x 750ml bottles of Floor - 1x Super Large Cleaning Cloth - 1x Pack of SuperDuper Scrub Cloths This will be shipped w/c 27th September
TruWASH SuperDuper Scrub Pack [Limited]
TruWASH SuperDuper Scrub Pack [Limited] £17.99
This is a small limited pack especially created for Lisa Lust List followers. It contains our new Super Scrub Cloth Pack plus 2 Bottles of our super capable, super smelling Surface cleaner. Plus one of our little stainless steel scrubbers for round the sink. Normal price is £19.99 but if you use Lisa’s code it will reduce by 15%
TruWASH WhipSHINE Car Bundle
TruWASH WhipSHINE Car Bundle £21.00
Ooll look This is a lovely little pack of WhipShine for the whole of the car Windows Paintwork Touch Screens Dash and Cockpit Also our famous Surface product suitable for all sorts of jobs around the house and in the car including removing flies from your bonnet and lastly 2 of our Extra Large Polishing Cloth perfect to do an entire vehicle.
Klip n Fresh Bundle Klip n Fresh Bundle
Klip n Fresh Bundle £18.50
SHIPPING MID NOVEMBER Every TruWASH faithful needs this bundle in their life. You need to smell the lusciousness of the fresh lime spray along with their Klip to attach to your bin. The spray of course smells lovely but is also clincally proven to deter flies. This kit should leave it that you never need to wash your bin again. Not only that but bin bags are essential so of course, they got to be included in this bundle. These bags are so strong and massive they fit bins up to 240l which is the most popular bin used anywhere. 12 bags in a pack so last almost 6 months with bi weekly collections
-32% sale
BIGGEST Deal Ever £59.99 £87.91
OUR BIGGEST DEAL EVER... Shipping Week Commencing 6/12/21 Truly a bundle you will have wanted for a long time... 1x Bottle of Surface 2x Bottles of Floor 4x Quickshine Cans 1x Stainless Steel Bottle 2x Bottles of Killer 1x Klip n Fresh 3x Individual Black Bin Bags3x SuperDuper Scrub Cloths Packs (2 cloths each)2x Professional Glass Cleaning Cloths1x Glasses Cleaner £4.99 plus FREE Shipping
Klip n Bag Bundle Klip n Bag Bundle
Klip n Bag Bundle £17.50
What’s in the box? SHIPPING MID NOVEMBER Bin clips or as we call them Klips for better effect.  Klip and wheelie bin bags to get any rubbish excited. This bundle is for that extra hold for your wheelie bin to enjoy without making a mess. Super strong bags at 200 microns, most others are only 50. These are not only perfect to be used with your wheelie bin but also for your garden waste in the winter time. Designed to be super strong bags and with unique design Klips you'll never need to wash your bin again
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