‘So here's the craic’  

I’m Tim - a 48 year old man, married with 4 kids and living right in the centre of Northern Ireland. The friends who know me will attest that I’ve always been entrepreneurially minded; always thinking, dreaming and problem solving - often at inopportune times.

And so it goes that while watching my wife ready the house for visitors, I noticed (thanks in part to the low winter sun) that while she may have felt that she was cleaning the glass coffee table in our living room, she was in factsimply rearranging the scum on its surface.

Now, the friends who know me will also attest to the fact that I’m lazy. Bone idle. The kind of lazy that might cause a man to stop writing in the middle of a sen…

More than lazy - I’m a stickler systems and efficiency. ‘How can we clean glass more efficiently?’ I asked myself and anyone else who would listen.

With the gauntlet laid down I began to tinker. I purchased a range of filters, all manners of peripherals and took myself off to the garage to the wife’s delight. There I made mistakes, I made a mess but ultimately (he says, humbly) I made a masterpiece - a product I now call ‘TruWASH’.

My kids, on the other hand, like to call it ‘Hungry Water’. That's because in filtering it as we do, all native minerals and salts are removed and the resulting liquid acts like a 'dust magnet' in an attempt to replace them. It’s a game changer when used to clean glass and ‘shiny stuff’. Surfaces are left astonishingly clean and stay that way for longer. It's not only the best cleaner I have ever used - it’s also the fastest and most convenient. And, if like us, you're concerned about toxins and chemicals, TruWASH is the cleaner for you - there simply isn't a nasty in sight.

Something that's also worth noting is that TruWASH actually performs best when used sparingly. Simply create the finest mist possible on the surface you wish to clean, rub with our Professional Glass Polishing Cloth and not only will you be amazed at the results, you’ll see for yourself that a bottle lasts an eternity.

And that’s it! Give it a try... go forth to mist and shine on glass, mirrors, granite and composite work surfaces, shower doors, car windscreens, eyeglasses, phones, tablets, televisions - even floor tiles! If the feedback from the many thousands of our Instagram followers is anything to go by, we’re confident you’ll love the results.

Thanks so much for visiting and happy shining!
Tim and the TruWASH team.

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