TruWASH QuickShine™ Solution (750ml)
TruWASH QuickShine™ Solution (750ml) £5.00
One bottle of the amazing, chemical-free Quickshine™ taking Instagram by storm. We affectionately refer to TruWASH as ‘Hungry Water’. Why? Well, we’ve removed all the minerals by carefully passing it through 5 separate, stringent filters. The result is that the water then acts like a ‘dust magnet’ in its attempt to replace everything we removed. It’s clever and simple at the same time, but most importantly, it’s free from all nasties and safe to use everywhere in the home. Use it on anything shiny - windows, mirrors, granite, composite worktops, eyeglasses, stainless steel, car windscreens, shower doors, phone screens - even porcelain floors! 100% recyclable bottle, vegan friendly
TruWASH QuickShine™ Refill Cans (4 Pack)
TruWASH QuickShine™ Refill Cans (4 Pack) £9.99
What’s in the box? 4x 440 ml Top-Up cans of TruWash Quickshine™  18% Extra free. Get 1760ml for the price of 1500ml Already got the TruWash trigger bottle? Then why not save on the web's favourite Glass & Shiny Stuff Cleaner with our special refill pack. Each refill pack contains 4 cans of TruWash. Simply top up your existing trigger spray bottle as required.  These are a Prototype Can and may dent slightly in transit but otherwise will be perfect. Please keep out of reach of small children. However if the do drink some or even all it will not do them any harm  Please note  - for best results, refrain from washing or leaving your trigger bottle open to the elements for long periods between refills.
TruWASH SurFACE™ Multi Surface Cleaner (750ml)
TruWASH SurFACE™ Multi Surface Cleaner (750ml) £4.99
Finally it's here, SurFACE™ our new multi surface cleaner. When we say MULTI we mean it. We have spent months developing this. When I say 'we', I mean Me, Little Miss Mops and Irish Cleaning Mammy (of Instagram). I knew those guys know a thing or two about cleaning AND would not hold back when it came to what they wanted from this product. The idea was to come up with a product that not only smelled fantastic (natural orange extract) but also did as good a Job on all surfaces as QuickShone™ does on Glass! We wanted it to be not only STRONG but GENTLE hence there are NO TOXINS in it and also BIODEGRADABLE. The Orange scent not only smells delicious but helps with the cleaning too. We also wanted it to be good value hence it is only £4.99 for a massive 750ml bottle which contains over a thousand sprays. Again we went for a great quality spray nozzle to ensure a great spray pattern to cover more area so as its not just a small spray which encourages you to spray more product We have discovered SurFACE™ is fantastic when used with a DRY CLOTH to leave a streak free shine when you just want to do a super quick clean. Just in case your Mother-in Law arrives unexpected Lol. IT CAN BE USED ON WORKTOPS (Including Granite and Composite) Extractor Hoods Sanitary ware Stainless Steel and Chrome Tiles (with a dry flat mop for a super quick clean)  Wood Leather (do a test first though) Wall Marks Plastic and PVC Car Wheels
TruWASH Professional Glass Polishing Cloth
TruWASH Professional Glass Polishing Cloth £5.00
Meet our Professional Glass Polishing Cloth - used the world over by Professional Window Cleaners. This cloth is specially designed to deliver the best results with TruWASH Glass & Shiny Stuff Cleaner. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how quickly and effortlessly you can clean glass, work tops, car windscreens, stainless steel, shower doors and more. For best results, use TruWash sparingly – a little goes a long way, and fold the Polishing Cloth as you go in order to keep it as dry as possible. IMPORTANT: Please refrain from using fabric softener when washing your TruWash Professional Glass Polishing Cloth as this will result in streaked surfaces and no-one wants that, right?
TruWASH Eye Glasses & Visor Cleaner
TruWASH Eye Glasses & Visor Cleaner £4.99
A beautiful little 50ml bottle perfect for a handbag or pocket. Full of our special formula glasses cleaner. It just takes a fine mist on each side of the glasses or visor and polish with our little cloth which is made of the same material as our Professional Window Cloth. This product has anti mist quality and won’t harm any coatings on your glasses or visor helmet.  This will also clean your car windscreen on the inside of your car in an emergency. 
TruWASH Killer Clean (500ml)
TruWASH Killer Clean (500ml) £4.99
TruWASH Killer Clean (500ml) is unlike any of our other products... A lean, mean, germ killing machine with a License to Clean.It's tougher. It's stronger. And it's even better. Not only is Killer Clean FREE FROM BLEACH but it's antibacterial killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs. But that's not even the best part.The magic inside this bottle is it's strong smelling scent giving you a fragrance of lemongrass and lime essential oils every time you use this product.  
TruWASH Spring Clean Bundle
TruWASH Spring Clean Bundle £46.80
Let's jump into Spring with this AMAZING bundle for all your 'Spring Cleaning' Needs. In this fabulous bundle, you will get: 1x TruWASH Stainless Steel Refill Bottle2x TruWASH QuickSHINE Refill Can1x TruWASH Killer1x TruWASH SurFACE1x TruWASH Floor1x TruWASH Professional Glass Cleaning Cloths2x TruWASH SuperDuper Scrub Cloths1x Dream Gleam (Your Windscreen will be GLEAMING)!
TruWASH Floor 750ml (2 Pack)
TruWASH Floor 750ml (2 Pack) £8.99
2x 750ml Bottles of Floor The floor is a chore... no more! Deep in the bowels of TruWASH HQ, frogboffins have tirelessly toyed, tinkered, tested and triumphed with Floor. This product is a powerful and highly scented surface cleaner that cuts through stubborn grease and grime to leave floors shining like new (and rooms smelling like an alpine breeze). We love it and know you'll be impressed with the results, too.
TruWASH ManoSan Hand Sanitizer (100ml)
TruWASH ManoSan Hand Sanitizer (100ml) £3.99
70 Percent alcohol Hand sanitizer to help keep Corona Virus at bay. Developed in Italy this is beautiful smelling product that not only kills Corona Virus but keeps your hands nice and soft as we have added a little Glycerol to moisturize as it protects. We have worked with a family producer from Italy on this product and we were very specific on what we wanted. It must kill Corona, it must not leave your hands sticky, it must not be too runny but most of all it must be a pleasure to use hence the beautiful Lemon scent. As usual like Truwash a little goes along way and finally we made it Hand Bag sized for convenience. This is a great add on product as it will ship for free with TruWASH Quickshine 
-7% sale
Killer Eco Refill Bundle
Killer Eco Refill Bundle £29.99 £32.00
You asked and we've listened... We have been working hard and are delighted to announce that we can share the NEW TruWASH Killer Refill Bundle! The Refill Cans have went down so well with QuickSHINE that we now have Refill Bags of TruWASH Killer! In this bundle, you will get: 1x TruWASH Stainless Steel Refill Bottle 2x TruWASH Killer Refill Bags 1 x SuperDuper Scrub Cloths Pack (2 cloths) 1x Extendable Duster 1x SuperDuper Scrubber also comes with FREE Delivery!
TruWASH WhipSHINE (500ml)
TruWASH WhipSHINE (500ml) £3.99
Here it is a nice little bottle to give to your significant other to stop them from stealing your Quickshine.  Yes its the same great product but in a handy little 500ml bottle you can even keep in the car. Perfect for not only the windows inside and out, but the paintwork for that extra shine and also for any touch screens you might have. When paired with one of our Extra large cloths this will make light work of keeping your car pristine, especially if used just after you dry your car as it removes the smears or watermarks left on by your dry cloth
Dream Gleam (Windscreen Washer)
Dream Gleam (Windscreen Washer) £4.99
The new generation of windscreen cleaning! Simply drop a tablet into the windscreen washer bottle of your car when you fill it up and...  1 tablet = 5 litres of Windscreen Washer Easy to Use Less Plastic 100% Biodegradable  Each pack comes with 5 tablets!
-24% sale
TruWASH Stainless Steel Refill Bottle
TruWASH Stainless Steel Refill Bottle £9.99 £12.99
Now this is a thing of beauty. We are so pleased with this 500ml bottle. It is a chance for you to take a small step towards better recycling as it holds our Aluminium refill cans, available in 4 packs on the site too.
Sold out -21% sale
TruWASH Dusting Gloves
TruWASH Dusting Gloves £7.99 £9.99
Take dusting into your own hands with our Premium Dusting Gloves. It picks up dust, pollen, pet hair, and more from places handheld dusters can’t reach. Slip it on to clean window blinds, cabinets, furniture legs, picture frames, and any other surface you can get your fingers on. The E-Cloth High-Performance Dusting Glove attracts dust and allergens and traps them with extra-long fibres, 100x finer than cotton. Rinse and wring after use. Toss in the laundry when it's time for a refresh. Unlike ordinary dusters that simply around push dust, pollen, and pet hair, this glove traps it all, leaving fewer pesky particles to irritate eyes and noses
Killer Refill Bag
Killer Refill Bag £4.49
You asked we delivered. A pouch full of Killer which uses 90 percent less plastic and can be recycled. Fantastic!
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